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Cosmetic surgery

Dr De Wit has in depth training of the periocular region and has trained in many different midfacial procedures including mid facial facelifts (direct or endoscopic approach), with or without laser resurfacing.

Although these procedures are not part of the Medicare rebate schedule and most private funds will not help finance them, you can take advantage of a free no-obligation appointment with us for an expert opinion. The merits of these procedures are well known and the cost does not always have to be daunting – if you are interested please get in touch (hyperlink)so that we may give you an honest and robust opinion for results that are dependable. We are specialists in the peri-ocular environment and take into account not only your rejuvenation expectations but also the health of your eyes when undergoing such surgery.


Alternatively – if you have had these procedures performed elsewhere and you are unhappy with the results or are having difficulty with ‘dry eyes’ post procedure – let us help restore your eyelids natural function or at least give you some non-surgical remedies.


Dr de Wit is able to offer:

  • Upper and/or lower lid blepharoplasty (removing excess drooping eyelid skin)
  • The above combined with laser resurfacing (to remove ‘crows lines’ and baggy lower lids)
  • Brow lift (direct bevelled edge Joe Niamtu style, endoscopic) alone or with midfacial lift
  • Botox for wrinkle lines all over the face
  • Facial fillers
  • Facial chemical TCA peels for all skin types


We have strict guidelines we follow (recommended by British Oculoplastic Society and American Society of Plastic Surgeons) and the perioperative work up and postoperative recovery times vary from procedure to procedure.


We have the latest equipment for diagnosis and treatment – every intervention is first discussed and explored in depth with you (often with simulation), so that we understand exactly what you wish to achieve and we can demonstrate what we can offer you -  feasibly.


We are very aware of the pressures society can place on all people psychologically these days and we give a very balanced view on all aspects of treatment offered by us and those treatments widely available to you elsewhere. We do not perform rhinoplasty (nose) or permanent cheek or jaw reconstructive surgery.


If you are interested in cosmetic surgery at all, please contact us for our full cosmetic brochure using the ‘Contact’ (hyperlink) page or alternatively contact our friendly receptionists today to schedule your preferred appointment.


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